#25 - Codes, Coins and Criss-Crosses

Episode 25 · 24 December 2018 · 1 hr 11 mins

About this Episode

Here's a copy of the puzzle that Alaric wrote for the conference: Chyptic Chossword

The boys play games, join a secret circle and put up the Christmas lights :)

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Topics discussed

  • Wythoff's Game
  • A Christmas Cipher
  • Zig Zag Lights

Show Notes

Wythoff's Game on Wikipedia
A good blog article about Wythoff's Game and the Golden Ratio
Little Orphan Annie Scene
Little Orphan Annie image album


Hosted By
Alaric - http://alaricstephen.com
Alex - http://twitter.com/speakmouthwords

Editing by Alex
Invention of Christmas (the concept thereof) by Alaric

Theme music by David Russell - https://youtube.com/DavidRussell323