#9 - Cows, Counting and Chin Ups

Episode 9 · 27 March 2018 · 1 hr 4 mins

About this Episode

In a special face to face edition of the podcast the boys stumble over a sequence involving cows, look at number systems in other languages and try to optimise Alaric's regime for loading and unloading a barbell.

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Topics discussed

  • Narayana's Cows
  • Welsh Numbers
  • Weightlifting Maths


Narayana's Cows Sequence
Narayana's Cows in Pascal's Triangle
Maths Jam
Different Languages' Number System Complexities
Alex's Youtube Channel on Trig
Alaric's Overdesigned Workout Spreadsheet


Hosted By
Alaric - http://alaricstephen.com
Alex - http://twitter.com/speakmouthwords

Edited by Alex
Token attempts to maintain our social media by Alaric

Theme music by David Russell - https://youtube.com/DavidRussell323