#10 - Stacks, Splitting and Seating

Episode 10 · 9 April 2018 · 1 hr 3 mins

About this Episode

The boys have been playing computer games and have each found maths in the machine.

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Topics discussed

  • Minecraft Grid Numbers
  • Stack Thirding
  • Plane Seat Puzzle

Show Notes

A Good Analysis of the Actual Maths of the Plane Seat Problem
Images of Our Various 1-ln2 Proofs On Twitter
Thomas Veness' Solutions to the Scrabble Permutations:
['ait', 'tai', 'ita']
['ary', 'yar', 'rya']
['ash', 'has', 'sha']
['ask', 'kas', 'ska']
['asp', 'pas', 'spa']
['ate', 'eat', 'tea']
['chi', 'ich', 'hic']
['dso', 'ods', 'sod']
['eat', 'tea', 'ate']
['een', 'nee', 'ene']
['eth', 'het', 'the']
['hic', 'chi', 'ich']
['hoo', 'oho', 'ooh']
['ich', 'hic', 'chi']
['kas', 'ska', 'ask']
['noo', 'ono', 'oon']
['zzz', 'zzz', 'zzz']
['nala', 'anal', 'lana', 'alan']
['nana', 'anan', 'nana', 'anan']
['sese', 'eses', 'sese', 'eses']


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Edited by Alex
Genuine mathematical rigour by Alaric

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