#21 - Torque, Truth and Time Signatures

Episode 21 · 19 October 2018 · 1 hr 12 mins

About this Episode

The boys settle a dicussion about a bike that Alaric has been aching to talk about for a fortnight, Alex finally brings up music and then they both dive down the Gödel rabbit hole with some puzzles.

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Topics discussed

  • Bike Pedals
  • Time Signatures
  • Taking an Offer Puzzles

Show Notes

Follow Up

Visualisation of the Codepad Solution from Tom Verduyn
Maths Jam Annual Gathering Page
The Shade (Alex's New Podcast)

Maths From the Show

Visuals of the Two Cycloids Mentioned: Prolate and Curtate
Video of the Bike Moving
Unusual Time Signatures
Forever Undecided: A Puzzle Guide to Gödel The book I talk about in the third part of the show. It's great.
The Gödel Sentence on Wikipedia (Related to the puzzle)


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Alaric - http://alaricstephen.com
Alex - http://twitter.com/speakmouthwords

Editing by Alex
Incomplete knowledge of incompleteness theorems by Alaric

Theme music by David Russell - https://youtube.com/DavidRussell323