#19 - Probability, Pubs and Power

Episode 19 · 10 September 2018 · 54 mins 49 secs

About this Episode

The boys delve into some stats and game theory problems, ending with a classic from Conway.

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Topics discussed

  • Dominion Probabilities
  • The Cheapest Beer in Prague
  • The Angel Problem

Show Notes

Dominion Probabilities Article
The Generalised Coupon Collecting Formula in [Wolfram Alpha](www.wolframalpha.com) Type this into input: sum from j=0 to 25 of ((-1)j(25 choose j)(((25-j) choose 10)/(25 choose 10))8)
(I couldn't directly link because the % signs in the URL were messing up our site linking. Apologies for the mess.
The Secretary Problem
The Angel Problem (by Alaric)
James Grime's Video on the Codepad Problem


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