#24 - Shamir's, Sums and Seatings

Episode 24 · 15 December 2018 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

The boys celebrate a year of the podcast, try to get a hold on some of the weirder polygonal numbers and debrief after big maths jam.

Odds and Evenings

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Website - http://www.oddsandevenings.com

Topics discussed

  • Trapezium Numbers
  • Shamir's Shared Secrets
  • Vampire and Werewolf Lies

Show Notes

Catriona Shearer's Geometry Puzzles on Twitter
Mathigon's Tweet about Trapezium Numbers
An Article on Properties of Trapezium Numbers
Alaric's Lock Gates Article
A Good Quality Shamir's Shared Secrets Article
The Vampire and Werewolf MAT Question
The Answers to the MAT Question


Hosted By
Alaric - http://alaricstephen.com
Alex - http://twitter.com/speakmouthwords

Editing by Alex
Silver Service at the Vampire-Werewolf Symposium by Alaric

Theme music by David Russell - https://youtube.com/DavidRussell323